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Mountains comprises two triangular oil paintings on canvas measuring 80cm on each edge (1.43m x 0.98m total composition) and an accompanying wooden sculpture with white painted peaks, integrated into a modern coffee table with smoky glass top and geometrical chrome base of replicating triangular construction. The table measures 90cm in diameter and the overall height of the sculpture is 70cm. The wood is a one thousand year old Yew tree.









Ugly Nature: Moth comprises two 1m x 1m oil paintings on canvas and an accompanying pair of oil painted lounge chairs, each with stitched leather seat, wooden shell and chrome column and four star base.

UGLY NATURE: VANITAS                              




Ugly Nature: Vanitas is a collection of works, comprising:
- 6 Large Format photographs
- Vanity Table with mirror, hand painted in oils.


This sale includes the hand-painted vanity table, plus any two of the large-format photographs from the VANITAS series.


Each photograph is also available to purchase seperately



VANITAS: Photography (limited run of 60 prints)



print size: 60/80cm | 31.5/23.6in




print size: 80/100cm | 31.5/43.3in                 







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