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Plain-air Oil Painting
Workshop in Nature 13.08.2023

Plain-air by the mountain river, surrounded by nature:
It’s about learning how to observe nature and fully express yourself in the painting.

A meditational experience of painting awaits you. You learn to appreciate the feast of colours, shapes and the light of the objects.

The workshop starts with an introduction about colour and material theory, followed by a 3 hours painting session.
You also get a break in between for a snack and a reflection over your progress with a glass of wine. 



100 euro per person


Snack & drinks

Local wine, finger food (cheese and meet selection, bread/crackers, fruits, olives, nuts), coffee.


How long will your workshop take?

4 hours 

2pm - 6pm

Location: Folhada, Marco de Canaveses

Enjoy creating with artists Zuzanna Hope and Krystyna Suchwallo and take home your own oil painting on a canvas. All levels and ages are welcome!

Places are limited.

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