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MOUNTAIN is an art piece full of juxtaposition: the majesty of rock and the delicacy of water; vivid definition versus distorted reflection; jagged edges alongside glass-like tranquility. The paintings and the sculpture offer two very different perspectives on the theme; the canvases give a restricted viewpoint of the subject, an incomplete slice that hints at a much larger, grander vista out of frame. The sculpture offers the whole picture - more in fact - as the round table invites one to walk around the piece, exploring the mountain and its reflection from every possible bird's-eye view.

Hope's work combines traditional wall-hung pieces with beautiful, contemporary furniture and thus pulls the art into the living space, transcending its usual role as an object to be viewed upon and allowing it to exist with three-dimensional form and function that gives cohesion between the picture and its surroundings.

MOUNTAIN comprises two triangular oil paintings on canvas measuring 80cm on each edge (1.43m x 0.98m total composition) and an accompanying wooden sculpture with white painted peaks, integrated into a modern coffee table with smoky glass top and geometrical chrome base of replicating triangular construction. The table measures 90cm in diameter and the overall height of the sculpture is 70cm. The wood is a one thousand year old Yew tree.

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