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UGLY NATURE: MOTH, is the first in a series exploring the beauty to be found in areas of the natural world that are often overshadowed and under appreciated. 

The large format paintings force the viewer to confront any fears they may have of these sublime creatures and, along with the lounge chairs, invite one to focus in on the intricacy and delicacy of their patterning.

Hope's work combines traditional wall-hung pieces with beautiful, contemporary furniture and thus pulls the art into the living space, transcending its usual role as an object to be viewed upon and allowing it to exist with three-dimensional form and function that gives cohesion between the picture and its surroundings.

UGLY NATURE: MOTH comprises two 1m x 1m oil paintings on canvas and an accompanying pair of oil painted lounge chairs, each with stitched leather seat, wooden shell and chrome column and four star base.

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